WOW! Keaton Jones Controversy Blows Up After Viral Video, Fake Accounts, and Old Pictures…

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WOW! Keaton Jones Controversy Blows Up After Viral Video, Fake Accounts, and Old Pictures...

Sup, you beautiful bastards, hope you had a fantastic   Monday welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and let's just jump into it the first thing I want to talk about today is our BAMF of the day actually our bamps up bamps of the day multiple also quick note There's a lot of controversy some misinformation a lot of craziness around the story But let's focus on the good part first at the heart of it is this young kid Keaton Jones And all around it or all the people Openly supporting him you might have already seen this video over the weekend it blew up on Twitter like very few things I've seen before everything Tennessee tweeted out this video of Keaton talking about dealing with bullying shadow curiosity Why do they boy? What what's the point of it while you enjoy it taken? Innocent people and finding a way to make me do Okay, what did I say to you? They make fun of my nose I. Have no friends What they do tell you at lunch put milk on me hand up my clothes do Nothing is it just you. Yep, or is it other kids too that feel that way Say it so they're good shoe How's that make you feel? Oh? I do it officially know what they do to other people cos Okay People that are different don't need to be criticized about it It's not their fault But if you are made fun of just oh Don't let it bother you this Stays on that bench hard But no probably get better wouldn't they That is heartbreaking It's a kind of heartbreaking that messes with your breathing as you're trying to talk on top of it being heartbreaking it is also Inspiring s. Keaton's going through this horrible experience.

He wants to let people know one It's not right, but two people that that are experiencing this that they're not alone But then it goes right back to heartbreaking because you you see him hear him say it gets better But then you can tell that he has those doubts that said the reaction to this video was Swift And it was loud everyday people and celebrity is sending Massive amounts of love to Keaton you Chris Evans inviting him to a premiere Hailee Steinfeld asking if you wanted to come to the pitch perfect three premiere as their date several other experiences but mainly just Massive amounts of support and so much has already been said about this and Keaton will most likely not see this but for for anyone Going through something like this or anyone who will ever go through something like this Please be aware and fully knows something that it appears that Keaton also knows. This is about the bullies Not you the problem is with those pieces of garbage Not you the really unfortunate reality a majority of the time is those bullies probably have been or are being bullied But in a different way sometimes as a parent sometimes. It's a sibling sometimes It's just one of the other kids but it happened in the past and so if there is something that we can learn from this moment in time other than just Retweeting if you're being bullied try to reach out to people that can help if you see someone being Bullied let them know they are not alone and try to help them and most importantly Because I am a true believer that it all starts from home. If you think that you have an asshole kid Please sit down and talk to your asshole kid because a majority of the time everyone else has to deal with that kid do not be a passenger when it comes to the growth and development of your child the big part of this is while this video went viral and you Have all these celebrities reaching out And then everyone cares now eventually like with every story Focus shifts news stories come out people are going to start looking to the next thing the changes aren't made in the long term nothing Changes either for Keaton because those bullies are still there and countless other children that are currently in or will be in Keaton's position one Day, they're bullies will remain as well But all of that said much love to Keaton much love to people going through situations similar to Keaton and my hope through all of this is that by all of us seeing something so heartbreaking we try to make the Future a little less so also actually last second update to this story There is now some Controversy some people are now going after Keaton's mother people have been sharing posts from Kimberly Jones's paid son featuring the Confederate flag Two weeks after Charlottesville a poster reads dear, but hurt Americans if you aren't bleeding No bones are sticking out and you can breathe Stop crying for the love some folks clearly never picked a switch before we all start talking to me about metaphorical emotional financial or historical blood and brokenness don't join a group see if some people saying that it's Hypocritical of the mother to share this video of her son while saying her post doesn't seem really open really kind also that Facebook page Has since gone private also seen allegations from MMA fighter Joe Schilling said look at her Instagram post she's just running a money scam really Sad and disgusting and then shares what he says a DM.

Conversation with the mother no big thing to point out is I'm not sure he's actually Talking to the mother the first picture on that account that shows people including a picture of Keaton is from yesterday So honestly it could be any bucket an Indiana Jones shared and has since blown others and claiming their Keaton's mother says what happened to us whites sticking together and Helping one of another against the predator feeling responds Lol you dumb cunt I got a viral video for your dumbass ello fuckin now, and they respond please can you delete that please? It's very possible. That's not Keaton's mother's account Lake and Jones who is Keaton's sister He's responded saying that's not my mom's Instagram IRS's private And she has been posting anything and when looking into it even that gets confusing There is a private Instagram account that has 126 thousand followers those by the name of underscore TaylorMade Q. It has a picture of the family you take a look at what that Instagram page look like Before the most recent changes looks like it's a different person not Keaton Jones's mother. That's strange I've also seen people critical of there being a GoFundMe for this family.

I do want to point out there It was started by a third party and and also kind of don't know why people Would donate to the GoFundMe to the people offering cool experiences for keaton? I think that's great But the people donating money. I mean that there are anti-bully organizations. I'll link to some in the description down below I've also been people claiming that Keaton said the n-word and that's why he got bullied oh, I've seen no confirmation whatsoever that happened the closest thing to proof I've seen are people then sharing photos of him next to a Confederate flag and so now you have people wondering if they're gonna be celebs that pull back now They should reconsider having Sympathy and my response to that is this isn't about the mother to me is she a hypocrite is she not a hypocrite that that To me doesn't affect keep and just in general I'm of the mindset of the sins of Shouldn't be the sins of the child they probably think that because I'm so unlike my parents I love them because they're my blood, but that was very much on purpose if anything I hope that this can be an Educational experience probably wouldn't hurt all of us to be a little more open a little more civil with one another from that I want To share some stuff I loved today and today in awesome brought to you by postmates soulmates of course fantastic Delivery on-demand app you want something you open the app you select something from a store or restaurant They deliver it to your house your business your wherever in order drinks on the app I ordered horchata, which I had never had before it is amazing It's fantastic sometimes you use the app to save some time sometimes It's just you you want to be responsible you want to be safe have someone bring the drinks to you Oh and best of all if you want to try it out go to posta Franco calm Or just click the link in the description down below download the app be sure you use promo code Philly D. And you will get $100 in free delivery credit And the first bit of Awesome is we got a brand new trailer for ready player one I loved it Just because the trailer seemed to be slow enough that it actually seems to show the character when he's in the Oasis I think about right now.

I'm 90% just so excited and the other 10% is just saying please don't suck. Please don't suck Please don't suck We'll have to wait to March 30th who know if it will earnest and fans at Jessica Jones rejoice We got a trailer for season 2 comes back on March 8th so prepare yourself And we got a badass trailer for spider-man into the spider-verse an animated spider-man movie. It is sexy looking but don't get too excited It's coming out Christmas next year, you're gonna kind of have to wait then. Thanks to wired We got the last Jedi cast answering the web's most searched questions You also had those beautiful bastards over at life noggin asking the question What if you didn't have bones also want to share an episode of hot ones that has now become one of my favorites logic came? On it was fantastic then a bit of Awesome.

I promised I'd mentioned when the day finally came of course I always like to mention this before talking about it. I'm an advisor and investor in props which I talked about several videos ago I let you know that because if this does well I benefit from that and you should know that so that it's not weird I'm mentioning it today because the props token sale has finally begun its up on coin list and Republic crypto I'm just letting you know. I'm not advising you on what to do. I personally genuinely think it's cool.

Yeah There was that and if you want to see the full versions everything I'll just share the secret link of the day anything at all links has always are in the description down below Let's talk about an infuriating update to a story we covered in January remember And I'm gonna take my time with this so you remember their faces back in January Brittany, Covington Jordan Hill to spay Cooper and Tanisha Covington were arrested for brutally Kidnapping and torturing a man on Facebook live back in January the victim had disappeared the family said they received text messages from his phone Claiming he was being held hostage and the next thing they knew there was a Facebook Alive video that showed the four black teens cutting An 18 year old white victim's scalp with a knife forcing him to drink toilet water Punching kicking him laughing at him as he was bound and gagged in an apartment in Chicago also before anyone says why'd you have to mention race appears the race was a huge part of this attack during the video where all Of this is happening the suspects are heard saying fuck white people fuck Tron Also the victim of this horrible attack had mental health issues including schizophrenia Who's reportedly able to eventually get away because his attackers left him alone for a little bit it is because I went to confront neighbors Who would complain about the noise the four suspects raided the neighbor's apartment they stole their property? But while all that was happening the victim fled he's found by officers and treated at a hospital for cuts to his head face body Also had a stab wound in his left arm the four teens in the video ended up getting arrested Charged with aggravated kidnapping a hate crime aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon Additionally three of the four were also charged with residential burglary and one was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle Also, since we're coming back to this story I want to once again mention Chicago police commander Kevin Duffin while this gruesome video drew condemnation From many including then President Obama may remember Chicago police commander Kevin deaf and said quote although they are adults They're 18 kids make stupid decisions. I shouldn't call them kids They're legally adults But they're young adults and they make stupid decisions Sue Duffin and anyone who has this argument in a situation like this regardless of race who's what's his make stupid decisions Should not be something you say when you have four people kidnap seemingly torturing at one point Stabbing when they're shouting stuff that sure as hell makes it seem like it's a hate crime Response shouldn't be well kids that kind of response out of Kevin Duffin makes me go what the hell was Duffin doing when he was 18 but here we come to the big updates whitney covington the woman filming the woman narrating the attack on video who's been behind bars Since her arrest in January Friday She pled guilty to aggravated battery and timid asian hate crime charges as part of the deal She made Prosecutors drop additional charges including kidnapping while County Circuit Judge William hooks called the crime her if he then sentence covington to just four years Probation he's also been ordered to complete 200 hours community service. She's prohibited from contact with two of the other suspects She's been banned from all forms of social media for four years looks also told Covington He could have imposed a prison sentence but added I'm not sure if I did that you'd be coming out any better adding He hoped the strict terms of probation would put Covington on a more productive life path But he did warn her that she would face prison time was she violated any of the restrictions my response to this is really her Punishment is community service having to stay away from two people and not using the thing that she used that Exposed that she committed a crime that's the punishment you give a participant of a hate crime involved in the beating and stabbing of a young man with Mental issues how can you expect to do damage to bigotry if you are not attacking bigotry on all fronts? How can you expect people to respect the justice system when you provide none when this woman and potentially the other three who will remain? In custody and and their cases are still pending In this position once again if we're lucky enough that they get caught Please judge hooks know to an extent that blood that pain that crime a little of that is on your hands You have failed the people you were supposed to protect what that said of course. This is the Philip DeFranco Show I give you the situation.

I definitely give you my opinion, and then I want to hear from you Whether you agree to disagree. I'd love to know your thoughts in those comments down below well Let's talk about the explosion and chaos we saw out of New York today early this morning We learned police were called a report of explosion around 7:20 in the morning there explosion taking place in an underground walkway at the Port Authority subway station the suspect was headed eastbound when the bomb went off during what would have been peak morning commute hours as far as The explosion itself it was captured on transit system video the area quickly became chaotic panic commuters starts scrambling to evacuate the area Monitors find the suspect responsible he was later identified The good news if we can even really use that phrase in this incident Is that the damage was minimal were four reported injuries? Including the bomber none of them were said to be life-threatening the suspect reportedly had burns He had lacerations on his hands his abdomen three victims were taken to the hospital They're being treated for headaches ringing in the ears and soon after this Police Commissioner James O'Neal gave out more details on this incident limitary Investigation at the scene indicates this male was wearing an improvised Low-tech explosive device attached to his body He intentionally detonated that device later when O'Neill was asked if this attempted bomber was connected to Isis O'Neill responded He did make statements, but we're not going to talk about that right now at the same time We did have New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio calling a terrorism. Let's be clear as New Yorkers our lives revolve around the subways when we hear of an attack in the subways incredibly unsettling and Let's be also clear this was an attempted terrorist attack now as far as the attempted bomber himself And I'll just make this quick no for anyone that is new to my video mass killer or someone that attempted a mass killing does Something we don't show the names we don't show the faces you still talk about their background because we can get answers and solutions from all the Information as far as accidentally promoting these pieces of garbage. I won't do that on my ship also keep in mind We're early into this story.

This is an ever developing situation, but what we are seeing is that this bomber is reportedly from Bangladesh? He's been in the country for seven years authorities saying he entered the United States on an f4 visa which is a family based visa Reportedly lived in Brooklyn according to New York law enforcement official the suspect told police He made that vinous at his workplace as far as motive there have been multiple reports So I'd feel more comfortable waiting for an official announcement as recording this video That's where we are now what happens next hopefully we get more information most likely we're going to see Trump sound off on immigration Especially because the attacker was here on an f4 visa That's where I'm gonna end this one And I do want to ask you whether whether it be this last story the first one anything that stood out to you in between What are your thoughts I'd love to know and it's what makes doing this show for me so interesting That's where I'm going to end today's show and remember if you liked this video you like what I try to do on this channel You want to support this independent media go to DeFranco elite com sign up become a member Early videos of exclusive videos exclusive live streams like the one we're gonna have tomorrow So who's a poster is exclusive mug all the good stuff? Also
If you missed the last philip defranco show you want to catch up click or tap right there to watch that well if you want To watch the newest behind the scenes vlog click or tap right there to watch that box That said of course as always my name's philip defranco. You've just been phill'd in. I love yo faces, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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