Will the World End in a Deadly Viral DiseaseApocalypse NowThis (Episode 3)NowThis

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Will the World End in a Deadly Viral DiseaseApocalypse NowThis (Episode 3)NowThis

Robert Frost once wrote, "Some say the world will
end in fire, some say in ice." But what if it ends in everyone pooping their pants
and vomiting blood? Fear drives epidemics by making people do <font 200,000 people worldwide died from swine flu. Unless I really misse<font disease epidemic on three fronts: Vaccines, antibiotics, and the simple fact that
certain really bad bugs are nea<font 9 of them will get sick if they are not immune. Whenever you see an outbreak of measles in these communities
where they fear the vaccine more than they fear the disease, the ones who die are sm<font had a chance to get vaccinated. So, Its not just the person who skips their vaccine
thats going to get hurt, its everyone else.

Is there any chance that that could come to a catastrophic
level where it's an end of the world type thing? Absolutely. Probably more for itth<font in the United States that get their vaccines, and they're going to be protected for the most part, right? But for people who dont get their vaccines, theres an absolutely
reasonable risk if the unvaccinated population grows and grows and grows that these <font the unvaccinated population. But it isnt even measles or anti-vaxxers that
really scare Dr. Landon.

So, while I think that pandemic flu or measles are pretty bad things
and could sweep their way through a community, Its bacteria that are really causing the majority
of the problems these days. Well get to antibiotic resistance in a minute,
but remember in our last episode when that documentarian guy talked about how disease epidemic
is actually l<font are keepin<font unexpected outbreak of anthrax. 90 People were hospitalized
and 1 died.

A 12 year-old boy. But t<font that corpsfied it.

But, weve got to worry about stuff
way older than 75 years too. Scientists found an 8-million-year old bacterium,
frozen, deep in the ice, and were able to bring it back to life. Im pretty sure thats literally an X-Files episode. What this all means, is that contagions are incredibly resilient.

They want to survive just like any other living thing, and were trying to kill them with ant<font 400-500 million years ago.

And even though the bugs are very different, they have
acquired so<font us<font the emergence of virus bacteria that are resisting to multiple antibiotics and even
some bacteria that are resistant to all antibiotics. W<font and one health. In other words, if there is<font all around the globe and the bacteria are travel<font and <font United States have refus<font the Secretary of Health and Human Services said that we need to keep ou<font we <font in an abandoned government building. Seriously! They were tested, and they had trace amounts of the virus still in them. But lets say some<font a<font w<font and then youd start seeing it travel by air to<font do things that dont m<font and then th<font and Dr.

Loubetin <font

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