Weather Gone Viral – Ice Encased Car

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Weather Gone Viral - Ice Encased Car

There were winds gusting over sixty
miles/hour on the lakeshore for as much as a 24-hour period of time. This
also was occurring when the temperatures were down into the teens. In addition, the car's owner left the vehicle parked next to the water after a night out with
friends. It's always better to park instead of try to drive home, but you might want to try to
leave the car slightly further from the lake before the night of fun begins.

Now all that's left is to free the car from its tomb of ice.  First, apply 350 pounds of calcium flakes. That calcium powder is just gonna
eat through the ice with its heating power. You know, law of thermodynamics

What's good about the calcium is it's nowhere near as corrosive as typical
rock salt. Once the passenger side wheels are clear, the car is towed sideways
across the parking lot so it can be loaded onto a flatbed truck. This is what's left- you can see the wheel here, the mold from the Mitsubishi rim and
this is the ice on the side. Look at this! Four to five inches of ice! The lesson to be learned from all of this: Maybe don't park right next to Lake Erie and maybe don't park right next to the ocean..

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