Viral Rap Star Siblings Perform!

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Viral Rap Star Siblings Perform!

Nearly 4 million people have watched this
video of our next guests rapping in their mom's car. Take a look. [MUSIC] Please welcome 19-year-old Evan and
his 11-year-old brother Umar. Hello you two.

How are you? >> Good. My God [LAUGH]
>> I know. I feel the same way. >> This is crazy.

>> Ya'll are here. You're Umar and you're Evan? >> Yes.
>> Okay. And 19 and 11, right? >> Mm-hm. >> Yup.
>> Wow, that's amazing.

How long have you been rapping? >> I've been rapping since
I was four years old. >> I've been rapping since I was nine. >> Wow, and so did you start rapping
because your brother was rapping? >> Yes, definitely, my brother
inspires me with a lot of things. I said when I was four, it was gibberish,
and- [LAUGH] I wasn't really saying real words, but once I started going to school-
>> Everything was, get money.

I got money. >> Yes.
>> I always used to say, I got money. I get money. When I started going to school,
my vocabulary got better and I started writing.

>> Look at that. >> I bet, I mean. I think that's the good thing about
rapping, is you have to have a large vocabulary to know all these different
ways to mix words up and rhyme with words. And you have 4 million views on that.

I mean, isn't that mind blowing? Can you believe 4 million
people have watched that? >> Yeah, it's crazy, homes. >> We definitely did
not expect that at all. >> When Complex, Yahoo, all them picked- I'm at Ellen, though. [APPLAUSE] >> Yes, that's different.

That's a little different. >> Yes.
Because you're use to be in the back of the car rapping, right? >> Yeah, my mom's car. >> Why did you start rapping
in the back of your mom's car? >> It was so, like it was so random. We did not, it was just an idea,
we were like.

We just got in the car, and
we just started rapping. We were like, everyone loves this. And then we did a video outside the car. And the fans shut it down.

They said no, get back in the car. >> Yeah, they were like get back
in the car, get in the car. [LAUGH]
>> They shut it down. >> Yeah, they, they-
>> Yeah, they shut it down.

They were like, don't do that again. [LAUGH]
>> And you gave each other nicknames? >> No, actually, my older cousin, I was in the studio and
my first rap name was E-nice. And this is what like 2008. And he was like,
you should change your name to E-class.

I'm like, E-Class, why? He was like, you know the E-class
Mercedes, it's luxurious, you know what I mean, as a car. [LAUGH]
>> I was like- I don't like that terminology, or whatever you, but
I'll take E-class, it sounds good. >> And you're who? >> Young Papa [APPLAUSE] My mom. [APPLAUSE] >> The name is Young Papa because my mom always
calls me Papa and I'm young.

So it kinda fit right in. >> Yeah. And people kinda compare
you to Notorious BIG right? >> That is such an honor. He's the greatest of all time.

So even just being in the same
conversation as him- [APPLAUSE] is just an honor. So when people say that it just
makes me feel so good about myself. >> Very cool. All right, well I think everyone is pretty
anxious to hear you all perform so.

All right. [APPLAUSE] Hold on. >> We'll do it after this. >> Okay.

>> We'll be right back.
We'll do it right after this. You're gonna perform. What song are you performing today? >> This is a song that we made just for
you. >> Especially for you.

>> Really? [APPLAUSE]
>> Wow! >> Good thing, a good thing. >> Definitely. >> Yep.
Thank you. Cuz, I know you write your own raps.

>> Right. >> Which is very cool and
very important to do. So this you wrote for me, and
I'm honored, and let's see it. >> All right, you ready? >> All right, let's go.

>> I love it. I love it. >> Thank you.
Thank you. >> I love it.

All right. Well, since you perform in a car,
I got you a little gift. Can you bring it out please? >> My God. >> You have a GoPro.

[APPLAUSE] >> I wanna thank Julie Bowen. See you tomorrow.
Be kind to one another. Bye, bye!.

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