VIDEO SEO – How to Rank #1 in YouTube

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VIDEO SEO - How to Rank #1 in YouTube

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Sunny Lenarduzzi:
Today I'm going to teach you how to rank number one on YouTube for more views, subscribers,
and leads for your business. For the bright side of branding, business,
and being your own boss. Hey, I'm Sunny Lenarduzzi. I am so excited that you're watching this
video, and I can't wait to teach you how to rank number one on YouTube with your videos.

When I started on YouTube about two years
ago, I did not expect my channel to grow nearly as fast as it has. I've earned millions of views, over a 100,000
subscribers, and my channel at this point is gaining about 6000 to 7000 new subscribers
per month, and growing. Here's the secret, don't tell anyone, okay? I didn't know what I was doing. When I first started my YouTube channel, I
didn't have a clue.

Over the last two years, I've created my own
formula for ranking my videos on the first page of YouTube, if not ranking number one
on YouTube, and that's the formula I'm going to share with you today in this video. Plus, watch until the end of the video, because
I've created something super special for you called, 0 to a 100,000 subscribers in under
12 months. The exact process that you need to follow
and the steps and secrets that you need to know to growing your YouTube channel at a
rapid rate and building the authority to get those first page rankings. Step number one, audience retention.

What does that mean? It means that you need your viewers to watch
your whole video, if not your whole video, the majority of your video before clicking
on something else or exiting out of it. Now there's a formula for exactly how to do
this. I'm going to share it in just a second for
how you can script your videos, but there is another really important factor to ranking
number one on YouTube as well and it's another analytic called watch time. Here's a little secret.

You can create any length video and create
it in a way that gets people to watch the whole thing, increasing your audience retention. The trick with watch time is if you take a
look at other people who are ranking for the keywords that you want to rank for, well look
at how long their videos are because if you can create a longer of the video, that's going
to increase your watch time over their watch time. If you can combine the two factors of audience
retention, having people watch your whole video, and watch time, you're setting yourself
up for success. If you're going to increase the watch time
you need to make sure that every second of that video is valuable and you're actually
sharing information that people want to know.

Really dig deep into your expertise and your
intel on the subject you're talking about, so you can increase the length of your video
while also creating valuable content that people are going to watch the whole way through. How do you structure a script for high retention
and also increase watch time? I call it the hot formula. The hot formula basically looks like what
this video looks like. In the very beginning in the first 10 seconds,
I hooked your attention by telling you exactly what I'm going to teach you.

One of the biggest mistakes that Youtubers
make is they make their intros way too long and you have to keep in mind, people aren't
necessarily looking for you. They're not looking for me, they're looking
for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. If you don't provide that and tell them that
that's what they're going to get out of your video within the first 10 seconds, they will
move on to the next results to get the answer faster so you have to hook people immediately. The next part of this, the hot formula, is
the outcome.

The outcome is guaranteeing that they're going
to get what they're looking for you. You hook them by immediately telling them
exactly what you're going to talk about in the video and then making the outcome really,
really clear. As I mentioned in this video, I'm going to
teach you how to rank on page one, and then the T is the testimonial or credibility really. To prove that you know what you're talking
about and that they should stick around and watch the video, you want to have some sort
of a testimonial saying you know how to do this and proof that you know how to do it.

If I'm talking about ranking on ranking number
one on YouTube, I want to show you that I've done that before or I want to show a student's
result who's doing that, whatever it may be, having some sort of proof credibility and
testimonials. That's the hot formula to creating a script
that is actually going to get people to watch the video as well as watch for an increased
amount of time. Now the actual script formula as I mentioned,
short intro, no more than 15 seconds to hook people's attention, and then you want to move
into the outcome. Promising the exact outcome that they're going
to get, give them the exact steps that they need to know to get the outcome that they're
looking for, and then your outro.

Your outro can give people a reason to keep
watching your next video. It can give people a suggestion to like or
subscribe to your channel because the more likes, subscribes, and shares that your videos
get, the higher you're going to rank as well because it tells Google and YouTube this is
a quality piece of content. Your outro can also drive engagement to whatever
your conversion site is, your website, your landing page, your email list, drive them
there. Taking your viewers and turning them into
potential customers for your business or for your brand.

Step number two is engagement, and I will
tell you that when I didn't really know what the heck I was doing on my channel, engagement
is what helped me grow super fast. I knew how to get an audience engaged and
this has become a huge factor to ranking number one on YouTube because as I mentioned before,
Google and YouTube need to see that it's a quality piece of content. In order to see that, they need to see that
it's being liked, it's being shared on social media, it's being shared on other sites, and
it's getting a ton of comments. How do you increase your engagement on your
videos? Pretty simple.

You asked for it. There's actually two things you do. You definitely want to ask for engagement. Throughout the video asking things like comment
below with X and giving them something to comment with or at the very end of your videos,
which you'll notice I do on every video of mine, I say if you liked this video, hit the
like button below, share it with your friends, and be sure to subscribe.

Another key here is adding graphics throughout
your video that have a question or something that is a call to action to increase the engagement. For example, right now I'm going to ask you
to comment below this video and we're going to have a graphic pop-up on the screen to
do just that. I want you to comment below with what industry,
niche or category your channel is in. Why do I want you to do that? Because you never know who else is watching
this, and one other key to building engagement on your channel is building a community of
like-minded channels.

One thing that I started doing when I first
started my YouTube channel is I found all the channels in my space and I would go and
write really positive comments or feedback on their videos and then they'd do the same
on mine. Not share for share or like for like or sub
for sub, it's genuine, authentic communication between channels with similar audiences. It increases your engagement, which therefore
increases your ranking. Comment below this video and tell me and tell
everyone else who's watching which industry or category you're in and if you can try and
find connections with other people who have watched this video to build your little community
of YouTube hubs basically our YouTube pods where you can all support one another and
engaging with each other's videos.

Moving on to number three, which is long tail
keywords. Now if you're thinking what did you just say? Fair enough. Basically the layman's terms of long tail
keywords is figuring out how to title your video and figure out which keywords to use
that people are actually typing in as a phrase into YouTube or Google search bars. I have another video on how to get more views
on YouTube and I go more in depth on to this subject, but I just wanted to kind of explain
what this means and how you can start using long tail keywords in at your videos.

A perfect example of this is that people are
actually searching the phrase how to make videos with your phone. They aren't searching phone video film. That's not how they put the keywords together,
so you need to think like your viewers would actually type their search into Google or
YouTube, and that's a long tail he worked. Another key here is to include that long tail
keyword into the title of your video obviously.

Here's the thing, if you don't put it in the
title of your video, no one will find your video. The second thing is to put it in the first
line of your description. Reiterate it there and then include your other
keywords, your secondary keywords throughout your description as well. Again, I highly recommend that you check out
my other video on how to get more views on YouTube to get the exact details on how to
formulate your title and your description, but this is a good start.

Then also verbally saying in your video your
long tail keyword or your keyword phrase because you're going to do a transcription of your
video. That's another key to increasing your ranking
on YouTube that you give Google and YouTube more information about your video and keep
reiterating which keywords you want to rank for. When you do that and you give them the transcription
or you add the transcription to your video, it's giving more data and again just reiterating
those keywords so they know which category you should be ranking number one for. Also, just verbally saying it as well is another
clue to Google and YouTube that it's actually about what it says in the title in the description.

Then one little bonus tip that I've found
to work really well for my channel is including the year. Including the year on the end of the title
of my video tells people that it's new and it should be the most relevant choice for
what they're looking for. You can give that a try and see how it works
for your channel and let me know in the comments. Step number four is sharing and leveraging
on social media.

Again, I may not have known exactly what I
was doing when I first started my YouTube channel. I've obviously learned a lot and that's why
I'm sharing it with you today. Doesn't matter how many followers you have
on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, et cetera. It's a great place to start building the engagement
on your channel and I talked about how important that was for previously in this video, but
one thing I really just wanted to reiterate is using your video and in the first 24 hours,
this is key, the 24 first hours that you post your video, you publish your video on YouTube
are the most vital.

That's when you have to be driving engagement
because that first 24 hours is really what tells YouTube and Google this is a good video,
we should rank it. Really leveraging your social platforms and
putting out on your blog and your website, sharing it with your email list. Another thing is look up blogs about your
topic. If I'm talking about how to rank number one
on YouTube, I'm going to Google search other blogs or videos or whatever that talked about
that same topic and submit my video to those sites or even just comment on those blogs
on those sites to share my link.

Not in a spammy way, in a very authentic organic
way because again that adds more back links to your video, which will also increase your
ranking. The final step it's pretty obvious, but it's
your thumbnail. Again, this is a huge factor to standing out
from the crowd because whatever topic you're searching for on YouTube, there's a million
other results out there on the same topic, so why should someone choose you and why should
you rank number one. Well, the first thing is really judging a
YouTube video by its thumbnail.

Your thumbnail should be short, concise, and
bold. It should tell people exactly what they're
going to learn in a few words that are bold and easy to read, big font on your thumbnail
with your brand colors and with ideally your face as well, so people know it's a real person
who's teaching in that video or who's hosting the video. Your thumbnails are vital and I have a whole
tutorial on how to create epic thumbnails for YouTube, and I'll linked that video below
this video as well. Make sure that you your thumbnails stand out
amongst the crowd and you can do a quick test and Google search your topic and see if your
eye immediately goes to your thumbnail or somebody else's.

That's a good sign that you either need to
tweak it or keep it as is. Now you know how to rank number one on YouTube
and I'm sure you also want to know how to grow your channel at warp speed. I've created something special for you, I
told you better earlier in the video. Now you can go ahead and download it below
this video.

You can grab my 0 to a 100,000 YouTube subscribers
in under 12 months guide and it's nine steps to growing your YouTube channel, becoming
the authority in your industry, and building a loyal tribe for life. Don't forget to comment below this video and
find your tribe of like-minded channels, so you can all support each other by commenting
on each other's videos to boost your engagement, and boost your rankings. If you like this video, hit that like button
below, be sure to share it with your friends or anyone who might benefit from watching
this video, and again subscribe, and I'll see you in the next video. Have you been thinking about using YouTube
to grow your business, but you're not sure where to start and you're scared of wasting
time on the wrong steps? Let me be your guide and I'll show you the
right steps to ranking on page for more views, subscribers, and leads for your business.

Learn more at bossyoutubestrategy.Com. Tip number … Oh man, I have a hair on my
face. Do I have any more?.

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