TVPP Park Seo-Joon – Yona’s Kiss,- @ Kill me heal me

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TVPP Park Seo-Joon - Yona's Kiss,- @ Kill me heal me

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I came out.   Ah, really! This $!#@%. He only brings me out when he's having a difficult time, seriously! Ah! I'm so #@%* pissed! God, seriously! Ah, what are these tears? Geez! This is so annoying. Ugh.

Well, whatever. It's Ahn Yo Na's world now. Here, then. Cha- Cha- Cha Do Hyun? Oppa~ O- O- O- Oppa? Cha- Cha- Cha Do Hyun? Oppa! Wa- wai- wai – wait a minute Oppa~ My Ri On Oppa~ Oppa? Oppa! Hey, Oh Ri On.

What are you doing not helping out with the food for the holidays? Is the personality you were talking about by any chance… Yo- Yo Na? How do you know about Yo Na? Did you perhaps meet her? S- save me, Ri Jin. I'll be good. I'll do better from now on too.

I'll be even when I die. Oppa~ Yo Na wants to eat that. Why am I your oppa?! If you're handsome, you're my oppa. Oppa~ I want to eat this.

Buy this for me. Oppa~ Buy it for me-e-e. Why are you making me say so many wo-wo-wo-words? I'll buy it. Please, sista! Relax, I am on my way now.

Hang in there with the mindset of Ahn Yo Na. You can't lose her. If you lose her, whatever you're imaginging, it'll be worse than that. You got it.

Don't provoke her and do everything she asks you to do. Yeah. Do everything that she asks you to do. Everything! Hurry and give it to me! I'm saying I'm gonna die from starvation right now! If you don't give it to me, I'll go up on the table and dance.

Here it comes. Here it comes. It's not! It's not like that! It is like that! I can't. I can't do this.

I can't do this anymore! Sister! Why? Did you lose her? Catch me. She said try and catch her. Hey, you want to die?! I'm… I'm almost there! Try to stop her at all costs! Through any means! Hey, I saw you! Grab her! Please don't take pictures! Hey, you can't go that way! Yo Na! Yo Na! Come here, come here.

Yo Na! Yo Na! Hey! Oh Ri On! For now, just grab her! Go in with the 7th skill. 7Th skill. The 7th skill? Why do you mean the 7th skill on a girl? I just called him a girl… I don't know anymore, geez! Hey, Oh Ri On! Grab her! Run! Oppa, try catching me! Oppa, catch me! You can't lose her! You can't! Catch her fast! Catch her! Catch her! Yo Na, Oppa will buy you snacks.

Let's go. Oppa… Why can't you catch me? Oppa, from now on I'll catch you. You got it? Me? I'm coming! Oppa! I'm coming! Move.

Y-You're like a muscle girl… Oppa! Just this once! Oppa! One time! Oh Ri On! No more! That.. Talkative wench! Didn't I tell you not to show your teeth?! Hey! Ahn Yo No! Aren'ts you gonna listen to me?! Don't touch my brother! Come here! Don't! Don't! Oppa… Oppa….

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