Quick D Viral Kid Stunts

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Quick D Viral Kid Stunts

*Audience laughter* Captain Disillusion: Ahahahaha you guys! CD: Pranks rule! CD: You can physically or emotionally insult someone, then say it's a joke and everything is totally fine! CD: And if you get your victims to sign a waver, you can even put it all in a movie, CD: make millions of dollars CD: and be hailed as "a very smart and funny man." CD: It's harder to prank kids though, CD: because their wavers have to be signed by guardians who are vigilant about their well-being. Pft. CD: But children do tend to provoke a strong emotional response in most people, which guarantees views. CD: Mmm…

CD: Well, there's no law against using kids to prank other adults! CD: Or the audience. CD: So for years, we've been dressing girls as unreal ghosts to traumatize people in hotels. CD: And employing visual effects to stage fatal accidents as bizarre viral ads for… CD: German dinner theater.

CD: That's what that video was actually promoting. I swear, you can check. CD: Today, we have Vine stars like "That Happy Family", CD: Or, as it is bookmarked in my browser: "Zack King Tricks Redone Poorly by White Hipster", CD: carrying on the tradition. CD: When he is not terrorizing his wife, CD: he uses After Effects to depict situations in which his kids come to hilariously close brushes with grave injury.

CD: But ultimately, it's about the loving bond of a quirky, close-net family…Somehow. CD: Here's one of their latest creations. Girl: Here we go! [Music] Kids: WOO! YEAH! CD: What a remarkable piece of Visual Effects craftsmanship. CD: You see, in reality, a stationary camera filmed the falling ladder first, CD: and the subjects after.

CD: Then, adorable faces were used here, here and here, CD: to distract us from sloppy rotowork, plaque misalignment, doubling shadows and incorrect layer stacking. CD: For a six-second video, that almost fails at… CD: one fail per second. CD: But hey, they're precious and it's hilarious and it's about family.

CD: And we throw trashcans at them, and follow us, on everything. CHECK OUT OUR CHILDREN. CD: The one incarnation of this genre that doesn't seem cynical, is the YouTube sensation, "Action Movie Kid". CD: This DreamWorks animation artist, who can't quite decide on his true calling, CD: uses spare time to turn home videos of his son, into epic VFX shots.

CD: But each video empowers the kid and seems to depict his imagination and curiosity about the world, CD: through his language of his dad's nerdy love of classic adventure films. CD: It beams with positivity and wonder. CD: It's enough to make even me want… CD: a little tyke of my own.

CD: Ah! CD: I know! CD: I hope I saved it. CD: There it is. [Music] [Music]
CD: Wait, hold on! Wait, wait! [Music] [Music]
CD: Aah! [Music] [Music]
CD: Aaaaaah! [Music] CD: Ooow! CD: Uh… [Music] [Music]
CD: Wai- Wait a- hey- hey come back here! [Music] [Music]
CD: Drop, drop, let's go! You didn't see that! [Music] CD: Wait, I just noticed something.

CD: The first compilation of Action Movie Kid videos got a staggering 51 million views. CD: But Action Movie Kid Volume 2, with more complicated effects, got 22 million views. CD: Volume 3, full of Disney and Star Wars stuff, got a bit over 10 million. CD: And Volume 4, which starts with a plea for subscribers, barely got pass 3 million.

CD: What's the next one gonna get, one million, like some loser? CD: Junior. CD: I hope you know that you're very important to me. CD: But, CD: you're just not as lucrative a marketing strategy as I thought you be. CD: Maybe I should get into makeup tutorials.

CD: I know a couple things..

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