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Perjalanan ke Indonesia - Yogjakarta jogja Vlog Travel

Welcome to Yogyakarta also known as Jogja this is located in central java on the islands of Indonesia today we're going to visit exquisite unesco temples of Borobudur and Prambanan as well get an introduction to Javanese culture let's go check it out. Prambanan we are on the island of Java and we are in Jogja taking a tour of some temples today first stop. Prambanan was built in the 10th century and is the largest Hindu temple in indonesia the gargoyle the ceremony they're doing a prayer morning we are at the temple This is so cool. This is a unesco world heritage site Where are you guys from? Lampung, Sumatra! Sumatra! Hi! California! Know how old are you? Where you guys from? Singapore.

Indonesia! Ganesha god of wisdom lot of knowledge. He's an elephant. He transform Rama and Sita, romeo and juliet story. God of money signified by his big belly, he's very full.

[Music] Jawa! Indonesia! This is the presidential palace. No more Dutch. No. Only tourist Dutch.

Just tourist Dutch. It's better that way. Next we head into the city to see the Sultan's palace where they were showing a shadow puppet performance. This is the famous shadow puppet the shadow puppets are so culturally significant that they're protected by unesco.

This is the sultan palace grounds, we're on the island of Jawa. The ninth sultan was really into photography we have something in common look these are all of his camera and His books on cameras. And books on cameras my kind of guy unfortunately the Sultan is taken by many wives now it's time to try the traditional Indonesian cuisine. Ok so I got real Indonesian food is soup is called timlo this is a snake fruit we're in this amazing palace.

Unreal. So this is called snake fruit, you peel like a snake, that's why it's called the snake fruit inside I can't describe it … It's like Asian pear. Outside of our restaurant we found a Batik shop this is a Javanese original art form used with a very special technique let's hear more than we don't like this use this instrument called Tjanting the wax pen so you put hot wax here, and draw like this yeah one by one and it's not only one size but we have several sizes, small and large like this up walking away with a few batik paintings for our wall beautiful wedding! [Gamelan music] Borobudur! UNESCO world heritage site.

Here's our guide. You're hearing thunder in the background and there is the temple. UNESCO World Heritage Site. Borobudur.

The name Borobudur comes from "boro" and "Budur". "Boro" means monastery "budur" means hill Together means temple on small hill. 800 After to Christ, surface work 1,200 years old. Temple has 504 Buddha statues, in every site the mudra are different mudra mean hand position the hand like this particular communication between strong willto follow tradition, south side keeping blessing, on the west mean meditation – that's the way to control desire north – means protection.

One the 6th level, hand meaning teaching position. On the top, there are the stupa that's like bells, in the bell, there's statue, the hand means reincarnation. Because in Buddhism they believe in reincarnation the temple has the meaning hell, earth and heaven From the sky, the temple looks like lotus flower From helicopter you can see the temple looks like lotus flower. Like this this is Borobudur temple, UNESCO World Heritage site older than Angkor Wat the Buddhas new stone upper level – story telling of the Buddha's life story begin from here you have to walk clockwise in English don't judge the book by the cover.

Queen Maya is healing the beggars- she's doing good karma and order to have a baby. It took 20 years to have a child yeah actually had to pray to the fortune teller. 500 Century before christ   the stones are like legos, not mortar. Like the Inkas.

Her baby with Siddhartha and one week later she passed away. The last temptation before reaching the heavens. The soil is so fertile your because of the ash. Going to the last level which is heaven this level only has stupas, no more stories.

The Buddha is in the teaching position. These are the different faces of Buddha, reincarnation, meditation, teaching. Borobudur was built in the ninth century it's the world's largest Buddhist temple and Indonesia single most visited attraction Selfie! Push the button sombody Where are you from? Indonesia! Where are you from? Indonesia! So this is a monument about Buddhism it's not a temple you can't go inside and at the top, they have bells called stupa, And look at the view. Walk three times around the top level for good luck This is amazing up here.

Took our tour with Bali Agung Tours, which enabled us to see all this within a day trip from Bali as well as gave excellent commentary and even took photos for us and we took many photos with the locals as well if you want more information of the store i will link it in the description below. On our way back to the airport we got stuck in a little bit of a thunderstorm deluge so make sure to check the next video to see what happens next we hope that you get a chance to visit Jogja very soon if you liked this video hit the like button and make sure to subscribe for more travel videos study terima kasih indonesia.

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