MY ASS IS GOING VIRALPlague Inc. Evolved #1

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MY ASS IS GOING VIRALPlague Inc. Evolved #1

[Wapoosh] Top of the morning to ya laddies my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to Plague Inc. Evolved. Some of you have probably seen this game already I actually got quite a few requests for this a while ago Because I set out something ages and ages ago saying that I wanted games to play and this was one of the games that I had on my list I. Have no idea.

Why I never came to it I think I got I started the game and I was like I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm backed out of it I never ended up recording it, but I finally remembered to do it this time, and I can't wait because it's a game You know what Plague Inc. Is it's a game where you make a virus you can name the the virus whatever you want And you take over the world. You destroy the entire planet With a virus that you make and I'm probably going to be bad at this straight away, so you're gonna have to forgive me We're gonna  play the main game and we're going to start off as little bitty Bacteria I don't think I can insert genes yet.

No because I don't have any they also have a Simian flu because they did like a collaborative effort with dawn of the planet of the apes, but I'm not going to do that I'm just going to do a normal Bacteria. We're going to start off the bacteria and we're going to grow to insurmountable proportions We're going to destroy the world. It's going to be amazing Um this is going to be a bit of a slow burner kind of game, but it's funny It's funny when you see the amount of people that you can kill in this game. We have to name.

Pax-12? No. Should we call it Pax prime? We have to name our disease. We have to name our plague, and I'm gonna call it My Ass Should we go all caps? No, no, cuz it might make sense you know why when it happens You know why. You are a new Bacteria to win You must evolve and spread across the world wiping out all humans in the ultimate plague I don't know if I'm gonna succeed in this straightaway cuz I have no idea what I'm doing still I just kind of know the basic premise something what the game is and what to do? So we're going to go along and see what happens.

Select the country to begin your plague when you click on it You can see more information pop the star problem to confirm. Oh, okay, so This is our view this is what we get This is like where the game takes place, and you pop down a disease somewhere And then every one of that place starts getting infected, and you have to move somewhere else, so I would say I start with Ireland, but I have to be practical about this. I have to actually think about what the hell I'm doing um China might be a good place Just because of the insane population, that's there Um cuz you don't want to do it somewhere like down here in Madagascar cuz that's very remote I mean, I guess a lot of people travel there I don't know if that actually makes a difference or if you're down in Argentina I don't know how many people come in and out of Argentina every day. Greenland it'd be another one I don't think a lot of people go there, so we're going to start in China Start in  China there we go okay? We wait for these bubbles to pop up then My Ass begins in China, ha ha ha ha ha Now you know why.

My Ass has infected its first human. That's why I called it My Ass. Oh, that's beautiful It's like, when you used to play the Pokemon games, and you'd call it like um stupid face It was like stupid face use the potion or something like that like you make it a sentence My Ass is infected its first human. Weak and Unspecialized it must involve using Dna points to infect more people So we get these guys and you can go in and you can actually? Upgrade shit so gives organism ability to spread through blood to blood contact insects are successful susceptible to infection you can go airborne you can change the symptoms and the abilities it has So again we have to wait for stuff to happen [and] I imagine a lot of people with one person infected Imagine a lot of people [go] in and out of China Okay, so we have three dna points so far.

Yes. Look at it right there that that's where the infection has started. This is where dominance shall reign Hey, we got five can we actually buy anything yet? I don't know what I need I might do airborne how much do I need for that nine DNa points? Gives Pathogen ability to travel on dust particles increase in infectivity, especially in arid environments and plane transmission So I think I'm going to go with Airborne straight away, because Airborne is the Most Lethal Like method of transmission in any disease isn't it? Like Hand to Hand contact like ebola everyone's like don't touch your friends uh-huh? It was like wash your hands vigorously, but airborne. You can't like wash your nasal passages like, you can but people don't do it normally the UN announced a new aid initiative for poor countries making them less vulnerable to disease That's another thing disease is already rampant in like really poor countries So aid is already there um I don't know how good China's healthcare is though You don't want to start somewhere like Canada who just seems to destroy all diseases or Denmark
where healthcare is free And then the fuckin you don't get anywhere So I think China might be good just for the sheer amount of people that are in China We have 12 people infected, 13.

My Ass is spreading from person to person in China and will grow exponentially You control the Plague indirectly by evolving it Yeah, I'm waiting for nine things and then the real kick off is going to happen again So we have to get this bar all the way across it's blue now. That's healthy Pop Orange Dna bubbles to get Dna points. I know that. Thank you 11.

Yes Airborne Yeah Nice. We still have 4, can we get anything else? Symptoms irritated stomach lining leads to discomfort slight chance of infection when kissing Okay, inability to sleep makes people irritable and less productive That might be a good one when people start working and their like oh, God I need to find a cure, and then it's like. No, you're not going to painful lumps containing pockets of the Pathogen slight chance of bursting which can spread disease No, I think we'll go with this normally it'll be a way before anyone actually dies you have successfully evolved My Ass Hahaha, that's such a perfect name for it you have spent dna points to evolve your disease and more options have opened up get more points by popping Dna and biohazard bubbles and infecting people Got it. There's no more bubbles popping up, so Okay, oh there we go.

Yeah see the infected. Now is jumping five at a time Amazing in fact that's going way [up] again It's going to be quite away before anyone dies because they don't want them to die yet. What people start dying That's when the people. They're humans are going to be like you know what we need to treat.

This if people are infected They don't really know there's no symptoms for it yet Country information to find out more about a country click the country name at the bottom of the screen and open up the country menu oh oh medical research Zero Dollars research rankings [zero] Business as usual. Yes. He does one point four billion people in China, holy fuck China is a very big country though We only have  234 people infected so far. We got a long way to go yet My Ass is infected hundreds in China in Increasing the chance that an infected person will infect a healthy person keep evolving your disease oh, yeah, okay, so now we gotta add resilience.

We got to make it resilient now We're not cold not yet heat resistance drug resistance Greed Bacteria Shell to protect against all climates Okay, we can do this Pathogen becomes harder to analyze in the lab decreases further research speed okay, so Pathogen becomes resistant to class one and two antibiotics So people going to like, Doctor I'm feeling a little bit ill I think I've got a serious case of My Ass so then the drugs aren't gonna work, and then we'll Evolve past climates no we evolved this because I hasn't spread to other countries yet But it's not spreading to other countries then you might need more climate control. I think I've no [idea] what I'm doing by the way I keep saying stuff But I don't actually know spread my disease spread you are just a drop in the ocean right now But soon My Ass will infect Thousands. My Ass has infected thousands in China people are being infected faster and faster. Yes Yeah, in fact all those as was the Chinese bastards that's that just sounds wrong in fact all those human bastards There we go that makes everyone equal then Sorry Chinese people.

I don't know how many chinese people actually watch my videos would be absolutely awesome with Chinese people watched my videos It's always surprising when I go into the like the Analytics of the channel and see who watches my videos there was like one from North Korea one time that is so cool Like people all over the world watch like YouTube videos from different people that is so awesome It's amazing to reach that youtube has so I'm sorry Chinese people. I'm sorry if any of you watched my videos I didn't mean to attack your country first. I'm killing everybody Everybody's getting destroyed no matter who they are what they are what to believe in who they are But I had so china because it's the best transmission area 15 okay, I'll wait for that My Ass spreads to southeast Asia here. We go shits about to kick off now South East Asia has been infected your disease has taken an important step in becoming a plague When a new country is infected pop the red bubble to get bonus points.

Oh Come on. I  need the Dna strand ones. Oh Half a million people infected That is nice. It's rocketing up now, oh she's taking off here we go give organism abilities to survive suspended in air for a long time or You can survive outside the body in Fresh warm water.

Okay? No, we just go airborne first We can get the other stuff after oh yes. Oh, yes, we're down in fucking Australia now Infecting more countries My Ass is going viral [hahahahaha] ah That's why you didn't put caps either cuz caps would have disrupted the sentences so it's all normal actually looks like a proper sentence Oh, yes, we are over okay? Yeah, I know how to pop them. Yes. Thank you.

Thank my God Yeah, we were over in Japan Saudi, Arabia and mass in fact more people were in the world and TB. Oh, God, and we're in Indonesia now as well Fucking nice everybody in the world is Gonna get a taste of My Ass Haha. Oh, that's awesome. Okay.

We're going to disrupt their ability to sleep. They're gonna be less productive So they're gonna be awake longer prolonging their amount of time that they can get sick I don't know I keep saying these things like I know what I'm doing But I really don't skins becomes blistered and painful no Because then people might be able to detect it Creason red blood cells of Hemoglobin in the blood can lead to hypoxia in the Organs. Yes Yes Then y'all gon get fucked. I can do these where the time is stopped nice now My Ass is beginning to spread around the world Use the world Data menu but right to see where countries are not infected yet Okay, who's not infected? Oh? Ireland! I'm coming for you.

We're gonna infect the shit out of Ireland UK You lumped Ireland in as the UK??? They're only the top parts where that line is is part of the uk Not all of it get your fucking head in the game game I don't really care. I'm not that patriotic Uh we have five okay. We wait and we get bigger stuff nice Look at China China's bec oming a big red blistered bubble on the face of the Earth When the more widespread it gets though the harder this is gonna get because people are more infectious than hiv, holy fuck eighty six million people infected already good balls um Because people start going hey this disease is running rampant We need to start making a cure So I'm going to start going cold after this because Canada Motherfuckers are going to start getting in on top of this and greenland apparently is very hard to infect. So wait How much do I need for the cold climate? Here we go.

Pathogen evolves to withstand cold temperatures and claimants yes. Oh y'all gon get it now Spread my lovely spread see the problem is not many people go to Greenland Give me some more bubbles. Give me numbers look at China. Holy fuck This is this is fun.

I know it's just me sitting here clicking bubbles or whatever it's a really fun game to play though Oh, I kinda regret not playing this sooner. I really meant to – and I. Can't remember what I was I think I was getting ready to record for Pax east and I was like I'm gonna record this game This is a fun ass game. My Ass is mutated and developed the coughing symptom.

My Ass And now has coughing awesome Coughing symptom without using Dna fuck that means people are gonna wise up to it – gonna make hey you had that cough for a while. Are you sure you're okay nice Mexico I have to keep clicking under things Cuz I kind of know where the countries are but I have to click on them to make sure Look at china. Holy fuck in a normal checkup a doctor in China found a new disease Which has been named My Ass it appears to be mostly harmless But must be investigated further other countries are also reporting this disease okay, so we need to wise and up to this now um Passing Dna strands reassembled more work needed to develop a cure. Yes I'm not letting you cure.

My disease my go for warm water then oh yes. Oh, yes If we go for wait, what's this gives organism abilities spread through blood to blood contact? Okay, yeah Birds? Birds become susceptible to infection Avian carriers increased infectivity land transmission and mutation Birds might be good. Birds or water The body oh, survive outside the body and fresh warm water increasing infectivity especially in humid environments and ship transmission Yeah, now that the airports are shut down. Let's do water That might be good.

We're going to get a good base going We're gonna get a lot of people infected, and then that's when  we strike. That's when we start increasing our lethality like instantly, so Millions of people just fucking drop off the radar bro My Ass has been placed under world health Organization watchlist although not very dangerous governments warned that him a more deadly strain could appear yep That's the problem with these epidemics Is that the disease can be absolutely fine for a while and then it realizes that shit is going down? And it just changes instantly and people start dropping all over the place Actually don't know if that's true. I'm just making up shit to make this video see more interesting Aha immune suppression this rain stuff starts to get Lethal. Yes evolve that motherfucker Now we should be seeing the first death toll pretty damn soon I don't know if that was a smart decision to do that first death of from My Ass has been confirmed Saudi-Arabia bad luck or the beginning of something terrible could be the beginning of something terrible it could be absolutely Infectious more than the common cold, holy shit.

There's one infectious ass disease Yes, more bubbles are popping up now like really fucking fast I might increase the cold climate thing next and just mess up all those bastards oh my God There's two million dead from it already look at that Red Bar go up, holy fuck. Oh my God. Yeah That's because now it's surviving in all the climates we have to go cold next My Ass is mutated and developed the tumor symptom without using Dna points Nice My Ass is so infectious My Ass killing very fast people are dying in Central America faster than you people are being infected ha ha I'll get rekt by My Ass now. We're gonna survive in cold And we're gonna survive in hot now.

Yes, we've ten left. Can we get anything else we can Um fluid discharge from the lungs yes sneezing everybody sneezes, holy fucking balls Look at this is like termites It's like watching an anthill Those are all different things killed more than the black death Seventy-five million people killed by the black death holy crap four billion people infected see this is at 12% now though I'm Gonna Keep going gotta keep going significantly harder to cure That's a good sign India has started to send research teams to infected countries Hoping to speed up development of cure to My Ass pop blew bubbles to destroy the progress here. We go. Where you going? What are you going? You can't? No, you are not hell You are not helping those guys new statistics show that My Ass has killed over a hundred and twenty million people worldwide worse than Spanish flu Yes, go my lovely disease.

Go see this one shit starts get higher. That's 20% now Okay, we need to start increasing your ability to not be Detected fuck. I might be a bit late for that greenland is getting smothered Come on. Come on.

Come on Passengers not reproduce in lab conditions decreases further research speed passing develops resistance to antibiotics. Yes Fuck. I should probably should have done the lab testing crap. Where is North American.

I couldn't destroyed 25 percent complete cure fuck I'm Gonna fail this The cure is being developed way too fast shit Shit no no no. No, I will hold your progress Total organ failure yes, that's good. I need that what I need 32 and 31 Shit balls uuuuum now we can do blood to blood contact Maybe trying to cure it then we'll infect them further. I don't know I have no idea I think I might end up failing this Cuz it all works out really well at the start it's down here where stuff gets interesting.

Yes America is getting fucked in the A. By My A. Canada is getting rekt? Here we go. Yes people are absolutely everybody dying Everybody is dying all over the place.

Good job. Good job. Good. Show good show.

Oh here. We go This is starting to get infected now nice, and the cure is started to slowed up because I. Evolved it into a better strain. It's now a way harder strain to detect and cure nice Now where you going? Where you going? No, no, not today not today, and I think I might go bugs cuz there's a lot of bugs in Africa and blood to blood yeah Its Lethality could be a lot higher though That's all in this one.

Ah I can do this I can do this I can kill everybody oh I got this I got this there's 6.4 Billion people dead ha ha ha oh my God I just ruined everybody holy Christ That was amazing. Who are you? There are no healthy people left in the world the last healthy person on the planet recently became infected with My Ass Everybody is dying Everybody is about to die There's just there's not enough people left in the world to create a cure. I have bested you I have destroyed your world. I have brought anarchy and destruction You you fared fine and off over here You guys it really well russia.

Good job and All the way up here in the top left of Canada cuz it's probably freezing up there right less than a million. Yeah I've never been so happy to destroy the world with a disease It's not how this game My Ass to eradicate humans My Ass has destroyed the world Despite the world's best efforts the last few humans lie dying in holes with no chance of survival Sorry, so you can see the days are going up by the way It's not going like that's not every second that these people are dying. That's like every day I probably should have said that right from the outset. Oh, God.

Oh come on stop being so slow Go on, start kissing each other hooking each other having sex with each other You're all dying so you might as well just have a bit of fun before the end there we go two nine,six, five, one, zero! Victory! My Ass has successfully eliminated eliminated all life on earth. Yeah Oh my God  it was so much fun. Oh wait. Can we see it in the days.

Oh Yeah, go faster Let's see let's see my disease. Just take over everything. I started in China remember that yeah, we go a bit faster So I'm not sitting here and watching all of that And you just see all of a sudden you'll just see stuff blister up and flare out It's like an actual like localized infection on the body as well. See that China gets messed up And then I started increase an airborne infection started to go over here Then I started increase in warm water infections because China shut down its airports and then Australia and everything else started to get messed up holy fuck That was amazing Africa held out surprisingly well and the way that is I.

Don't know why but that was so much fun to do wait. How many days did it take it didn't actually check that Okay, go down. Go down 722 days. So like what a little under two years That's awesome.

That does it for this video on Plague Inc. Evolved I would love to do another one, but I don't know what it's Gonna be like I mean I don't know how this changes I know you can up the difficulty and make it a bit harder to infect everybody in to be a bit more trickier and a bit more skill as involved and knowing what once again? But there's different forms of like stuff. That was just a basic bacteria. I don't know The ionized Helix gene type and virus plague have been discovered and unlocked so if we go into main game Yeah, okay a rapidly mutating pathogen.

Which is extremely hard to control see. I don't know what the difference in these is So I mean I might come back and do it again it all depends on how you guys accept this one I think I think you guys are like this. This is a pretty fun game to play It's fun to watch everything just go your way all of a sudden. It's very satisfying to see all this stuff Go little piece by piece and then suddenly explode and the virus go everywhere.

Oh ton of fun. I really enjoy playing this but for now thank you guys so much watching it and if you liked it Punch that like button in the face LIKE A BOSS!! And High fives all around [WAPOOSH][WAPOOSH] But thank you guys and I will see all you dudes IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!! (Outro plays) I knew My Ass was powerful but jeez (Thanks for watching Y'all!!!).

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