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    Average Kitchen Remodel Cost. On average, a kitchen remodel costs $,.Most homeowners spend between $, and $,.The project cost varies depending on the size of your kitchen, the quality of materials, and whether you change the layout of the room..

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    Besides the budget, cost of materials and price to hire a pro, there are other factors that greatly affect your total kitchen renovation cost. Return on investment ROI is key with not only kitchen remodels, but any remodel throughout the house..

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    As you can see above, the average kitchen renovation project costs approximately $,. The total price varies tremendously depending on a myriad of factors, with materials having the largest effect. For example, tile counters start at $ sf, but concrete countertops go all the way up to $ sf .

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    The average cost of an upscale kitchen remodel is more than $,, but three factors should determine whether you want to spend that much. The first is how much you can afford to spend. Take a look at your finances to determine this number..