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  • Julia Salazar New York Primary Elections A Test For

    Days ago Julia Salazar, a year old New York State Senate candidate, is facing a barrage of criticism and media attention amid reports that she misrepresented aspects of her background. Her fate .

  • Controversial Dem Socialist Candidate Julia Salazar

    Julia Salazar, a socialist whose campaign for a seat in New York’s state Senate was overshadowed by a series of bizarre revelations about her past, unseated a year incumbent in Thursday’s .

  • Julia Salazar For New York State Senate

    Julia Salazar is running for senate in District to bring the concerns of working people to the halls of Albany. Join her today!.

  • Democratic Socialist Julia Salazar Has A Curiously

    Julia Salazar is a Democratic Socialist who is running for State Senate in New York. Given her party affiliation, you won’t be surprised to learn that she’s got a history of far left, anti Israel bona fides. But it turns out her story is a lot more interesting than that. Some of the claims she .