I cannot travel anymore

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I cannot travel anymore

Hey everybody, so I don't really post up too many personal things on this channel because from one that's what social media is for, Two, this is GeographyNow and not Barb's now, and three you guys don't even really care that much, You just want to watch the country episodes, which that's cool. That's cool But once every so often something happens in my life that will affect the channel and this is one of them some of you guys have noticed in the previous episode that my walls don't have the post cards on them anymore And my bookshelf is pretty much almost empty. And the reason why is because the first time in my life, I. Bought a house But Just wait.

Yes. This is a very good happy amazing thing that's happened But it's also the most incredibly stressful moment of my life as well. I mean, it's good because for those of you that have been following me You'll know that ever since my dad passed away my mom pretty much had nowhere to go and the role of having to provide and take care of her pretty much landed in my hands. So my mom pretty much has to live with me for the foreseeable future.

And this new house is great because there's a lot of Space, you know, I can kind of do what I want and she has her own space She can do what she wants, you know, it's not crowded in crams like it is right now in this place. You know This house is great because one thing I've always wanted was a house with a guest room so that I could like host people if they visited me and one thing I have to do is I have To fly out Laith and Yousef to Los Angeles. I promised them I would fly them out here. If I got 1 million subscribers and this house will have enough space to host both of them However, there is a downside I did the math.

Yes I can afford the mortgage, but I have to be very very careful with my finances at this point, Now more than ever; the 3 most important things I have to pay for my mortgage utilities and Ken for working for me that meant I had to look at all my Finances and do some serious budget cuts and one of the things I had to cut was my entire Travel budget I had this plan. I want to do geography bees all across the world. Not just in North America unfortunately Though I do not have the budget for that anymore and I cannot travel with Ken to any of your cities the only way we could possibly Travel would be if money was somehow raised on the other side and they decided to sponsor us to travel to them, I doubt that would happen though. This means now more than ever I'm trying to get into my entrepreneurial mindset I already started the merch line.

We're gonna come up with t-shirts and mugs soon. And you might be seeing me doing some more sponsored videos if any of you guys Work for any companies that would like to sponsor Geography Now, Feel free to let me know I kind of don't want to do video games though any more unless if it's like a geography video game or something educational but like FPS shooter games was like like fortnite reached out to me and I was like, yeah, I just can't and yeah but there's just so many things going on and it's crazy and I have to pack and I have to do this channel and I. Have to do everything it's crazy. But life will this affect the channel a little bit for the next few weeks it just Let me pack and let me figure out life stuff first.

Okay, I'm still gonna keep going We're gonna get to Zimbabwe, you know We will just wait but right now it's a little crazy a little hectic and I have to work on so many things. But I will work on the next few country episodes and I'll try to do filler weeks in the meantime, Thank you guys for your patience. Thank you for your support. Thank you for patreon patrons.

Thank you. People supporting the merch line on geography now.Com in the meantime. I hope you have a good one. Stay cool.

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