How to Make Your Video Go Viral Social Media Minute

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How to Make Your Video Go Viral Social Media Minute

Hi, I'm Jan Rezab
this is Social Media Minute. Today I wanna talk about how to make your video
and content go viral on social media. The important part is, step one,
don't try and make your video go viral. Because trying
to make your video go viral is like trying to find a needle
in a haystack, you basically can't do it.

If you're focusing on that and your
agency says "let's go make a viral video", don't use that agency. You really have to make
shareable content that is engaging, reaches the right audience
at the right time in the right place. It could happen that that
video will be shared a little bit more and occasionally
it can happen that it might go viral. But usually what video
makers do when they "go" viral is they're being featured a bit better,
they have the right keywords in them, so it's more the hard work
and the community building behind it that makes the videos go viral.

But there's no such thing as going
viral and people still don't realize this. What is it about?
It's about making the right content. Step one. Really finding out and inspiring
yourself of what other people do, what resonates with the audiences.

Then, it's choosing the right
channels, the platforms, the methods, the types of content, the call-to-actions. There's a lot of hard work behind it. Not just *poof* a really good viral video. Then of course,
it's about promotions, ads and audiences.

You really have to figure out: Is that influencer someone
I wanna work with to boost my audience? Is that ad strategy I have the right one? Are my audiences being selected properly  or am I just chasing
for volumes of engagement and views? Which you shouldn't, you should focus
that whole strategy around your objective. Please, stop trying
to make your videos go viral. Stop trying to make your content go viral. Because what are you gonna do? You're gonna have one viral
video that you're gonna put out there and it's gonna have a lot of views.
What are you gonna do with that audience? Do you have a follow-up viral video? You know,
viral videos are one kind of thing, you can't typically repeat them.

And to repeat them,
that's very, very random at that point. If you're gonna have
a big spike in a viral video, you're not gonna have anything
to say to that audience afterwards. Again, planning,
consistency, promotions and advertising and the right strategy
and planning behind your content. Please, share this with your agency.

If they think they can build
a viral video for you, share this video. If you and your colleagues
think that viral video are the thing, again, share this video because there's
no such thing as a viral video anymore. You can have
a highly-shared video, not a viral video. Thanks for watching..

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