How to Do SEO in a Competitive Industry When You Have No Money

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How to Do SEO in a Competitive Industry When You Have No Money

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Any time you do a Google search, roughly 30%
of the time, you're going to click on the ads. Seventy plus percent of the time, you're going
to click on the organic free listings, ads on top, organic free listings right underneath,
so where would you want to be? Ads cost money and they only get roughly 30%
of the traffic. The organic listings get roughly 70% of the
traffic and it doesn't cost to be there but the problem is it's not easy to rank organically. Well, you know what, today, I'm going to teach
you how to do SEO in a competitive industry when you have no money.

The first thing you want to do is start doing
roundup posts. With your website, make sure there's a blog. If you don't have a blog, just go to wordpress.Com
or .Org and add a blog to your site. Once you have a blog, go and interview every
single expert within your space.

I'm in the marketing niche so I can Google
things like top marketers, top marketing influencers, top SEOs. I can create a list of them. It's easy. There's so many blogs out there.

I just have to hit up all the marketing blogs
and I just say, Hey, John. This is Neil. I'm a huge fan of your work, so much so that
I want to include you in my roundup post. Now, what a roundup post is, it's asking all
the influencers within your space opinion.

In essence, you're asking them the same question,
you're seeing what everyone in your space thinks about that one question. Let's say your question is about how to get
rid of dog hair and you're in the pet space and you're trying to figure out, all right,
what's the best way to get rid of dog hair all over my furniture, my clothes, et cetera? Once you get all of the responses, create
a blog post about it, make sure you link over back to their website. Include their face, their image within that
blog post and then once it's released, e-mail them back and ask them to share the content. It's a great way to get more social shares.

When you get more social shares, you get more
visitors. The more visitors you get to your website,
a portion of them may even link to you. As they link to and you get more social shares,
your rankings will climb. That's why a lot of people are doing roundup
posts, not only because it's great for the webmaster, the website owner, right, it's
also great for the influencers that you interviewed because it gets them more free press.

Of course, they're willing to share on all
their social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, et cetera. The next thing you can do if you're trying
to get more search traffic is Google SEO book keyword density. They have a free tool. Just put in the URL of all your competitors
who rank for a specific keyword that you want to rank for.

You got that keyword? Let's say that keyword is SEO. You look for all the websites that rank on
page one for SEO, you put in that URL and what it does is it shows you all the key phrases
that they're using on their website and the density. The more they use a specific phrase, the more
it tells Google that that's what the page is about but you probably already know about
keyword density. I'm not telling you to shove your content
with tons of keywords over and over again.

Instead, what I'm telling you to do is be
thorough. What Google likes doing, and you'll notice
this, is the more thorough the page, the more in-depth that they go on a topic, the higher
that web page ranks even if they have less backlinks and less social shares than someone
else because of course, Google wants to rank the page that provides the most value to the
user. If you look at all the key phrases that people
are using who rank on page one and you include some of those keywords within your web page
and you're really thorough and you go more in-depth than everyone else, you'll notice
that over time, your rankings will climb higher. Now, the last tip that I have for you, and
this one's really simple, is Google whatever key phrase that you want to rank for organically.

Let's say you're in the hotel space and you
want to rank for a term like cheap Las Vegas hotels. Now, there's a ton of people bidding on that
term in that 30% right? The top and the bottom are all the paid ads. The middle portion where the majority of the
traffic is, those are all the free listings. What you want to do is look at all of their
titles for their ads.

See, Google AdWords, which is the paid version,
they base the rankings on where you are in the paid rankings based on how much you spend
per click going to your website and how appealing your ad is. The more appealing the ad copy, the more clicks
it'll receive. The same thing goes with organic. You don't have to pay to be there but the
more appealing your title tag, right, your copy that you show Google and your meta description,
the more clicks you're going to get and the more clicks you're going to get, the higher
they're going to rank you because if you Google cheap Las Vegas hotels and Google notices,
right, they rank ten listings on each page that are organic and if they notice that everyone's
clicking on the second listing instead of the first organic listing, what are they going
to do? Well, they're going to be like, \'93Hey, everyone
prefers the second listing.

We should place it above the first one. That all comes down to ad copy, right, but
with organic listings, there is no ad copy. It's title tag and meta descriptions. The more appealing that copy is, the more
clicks you're going to receive.

Go into your HTML, ask your webmaster to help
you out or just Google how to change your title tag or how to change your meta description
and you can just go in there and then, make it more appealing so more people want to click
on it. Now, some quick tips to make your title tag
more appealing, consider using the date like the year within your title tag. Update it in 2017 or update it in 2020, whatever
the year is. Also, use adjectives.

Adjectives make people want to click. I've also learned that using words like now,
fast, get, try, free also increased click-throughs so test some of those words and phrases within
your title tag and meta description. You should see that you're going to get more
traffic, more clicks and your rankings will climb even if you're in a competitive industry
and you can't spend the money that these big corporations are spending. Best of all, these big companies move slow.

You can move fast. You can get results quicker. Thank you for watching and I look forward
to seeing you tomorrow..

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