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  • Design Styles Defined Hgtv

    Design Styles Art Deco Streamlined, geometric style of home furnishings popular in the ‘s and ‘s featuring rounded fronts, mirrored accents, sleek lines and wood furniture with chrome hardware and glass tops..

  • Interior Design Styles Popular Types Explained

  • A Guide To Different Types Of Home Decor Styles

    There are many different types of home decor styles to choose from. For a more cohesive and polished look, you’ll want to pick furnishings and decor items that fall within a certain type of style..

  • Your Decorating Style Defined Real Simple

    Articulating your design style is the key to creating a room that really reflects it. If this sounds esoteric, have no fear You can easily identify the look you crave. Begin by either taking a quick quiz or, for a more in depth examination, following the steps below, recommended by interior design expert Carrie McCarthy stylestatement.com . Then .